HR Liaison Quick Guide to Success

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES – HR Liaisons play an important role — from creating a welcoming environment to sharing valuable information and resources which are vital the new employee’s successful orientation to a new organization. The HR Liaison is especially key in making sure the employee is properly documented and that necessary paperwork is processed accordingly. He/She should have as much paperwork prepared as possible before the employee arrives. The liaison should initiate, and complete if possible, requests for Colleague ID numbers, e-mail addresses and other system accesses. This helps to streamline the Pre-Hire and Start Date activities and provides an easier transition on the part of the new employee.

HR Liaison Should Help the Employee:

  • Complete required hiring paperwork
  • Obtain access to various computer systems and access cards
  • Obtain a GTCC parking permit
  • Answer any benefits and/or policy-related questions

Before the First Day

  • Send a welcome/offer letter and benefits package to the prospective employee
  • Inform the prospective employee of the date and location of the upcoming new employee orientation session

The First Day

  • Personally welcome the new employee to the college
  • Share critical information during the New Employee Orientation session including college policies and benefits
  • Assist employee as needed with completing and submitting remaining new hire paperwork and system access requests
  • Provide Colleague ID number and GTCC email account to employee
  • Provide a parking permit to employee

The First Week

  • Ensure all pertinent HR forms have been completed and received by the HR Office

TheFirst Month

  • Ensure that the checklist signatures/form has been completed and submitted to the HR Office