Organizational Development Quick Guide to Success

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES – The overall goal of this department is to enhance organizational effectiveness and individual development. The Organizational Development staff will assist the employee with cultural integration to the college. They will provide insider assistance on procedures and resources available to make the new employee’s transition to GTCC as smooth as possible.

The First Day

  • Personally welcome the new employee to the college
  • Share critical information about the college, including the history and mission, organizational structure, and emergency procedures
  • With employee, establish a Titan Live ID; guide the employee on selecting a secure password
  • Assist the employee in setting up E2Campus Alert account
  • Escort new employee to obtain GTCC ID badge
  • Connect all faculty with eLearning resource person
  • Demonstrate Learner Web access and stress the need to complete mandatory training within the first 30 days of employment
  • Provide tour of the Jamestown Campus

The First Week

  • Assist with any logon issues with Learner Web

The First Month

  • Ensure that all mandatory training has been completed
  • Distribute New Employee Survey link to all new employees

Each Month

  • Conduct monthly onboarding sessions and continue tours at other campuses