Hiring Supervisor Quick Guide to Success

ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES – One of the most important persons to a new employee is his or her supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for communicating the goals and objectives for the employee and providing frequent, ongoing feedback. This helps to alleviate any confusion or misinformation. Developing an effective, amicable working relationship with a new employee is central to employee retention. In fact, miscommunication leading to conflict with one’s supervisor is the key reason people voluntarily leave their jobs.

The supervisor is in the best position to help the new employee feel welcomed from the beginning and to help him or her start off on the right foot.

Hiring Supervisor should:

  • Initiate and complete request for office equipment (computer, telephone and other system accesses BEFORE employee arrives
  • Welcome the new employee
  • Review the position description and explain performance requirements
  • Discuss informal expectations (i.e., dress code, hours, and communication preferences)

Hiring Supervisor or Designee should ensure the employee:

  • Receives keys or access cards
  • Obtains a GTCC ID badge
  • Is provided email and system (Colleague) access as needed
  • Understands office and classroom equipment and phone system

Before the First Day

  • Inform the HR Liaison of the new employee’s acceptance of the job offer and the expected Start Date
  • Ensure the employee’s office or workspace is prepared and basic supplies are provided
  • Ensure various system accesses have been requested (e.g., Colleague access, computer accounts, email account, phone number)
  • Designate a co-worker to be the employee’s Learning Partner
  • Plan the first week’s activities for the new employee

The First Day

  • Personally welcome the new employee to the department
  • Introduce employee to the designated Learning Partner
  • Ensure access to required systems has been obtained or, at the least, requested
  • Provide keys to the office and desk, if applicable

The First Week

  • Have a meeting to discuss:
    • Employee’s job duties and responsibilities
    • Performance goals and expectations
    • Workplace expectations (e.g., work hours, break times, dress code, procedures for reporting absences and requesting leave, department meetings)
    • Workplace safety and emergency procedures
    • Your communication preferences (e.g., email, degree of formality)
    • Job-specific training requirements
    • System-required training
  • Ensure employee has received keys and/or access cards and obtained a GTCC ID badge
  • Ensure employee has access to email, system access, office equipment and phone usage as required

The First Month

  • Support and encourage the employee in attending monthly Onboarding session
  • Check progress and provide performance and behavioral feedback
  • Ensure that the employee has completed annual Mandatory Learning Track
  • Ensure that employee completes job-required training as assigned
  • Ensure that ALL faculty members have completed eLearning training as appropriate

The Second Month

  • Obtain feedback through the new hire survey and make adjustments as needed

First 90 days

  • Prepare to discuss the performance objectives on EPA with new employee (3-month review)

At 6 Months

  • Prepare to discuss the performance objectives on EPA with new employee (6-month review)

At 9 Months

  • Prepare to discuss the performance objectives on EPA with new employee (9-month review)

The First Year

  • Assist the employee in creating an employee development plan
  • Talk to employee frequently to assist him/her in understanding the organization and to provide the employee with the necessary resources to be successful
  • Recognize positive contributions made by the employee
  • Prepare to discuss the performance objectives on EPA with new employee (12-month review).  Discuss goals and objectives for upcoming year.